Laser Marking with OCR Camera
Laser Marking of QR Code and other specific information with OCR Camera check incl. reject

  • CO2 Laser
  • Max. Print Speed 2'000 characters/sec
  • Laser Source Expeced Life 45'000 hours
  • Stainless steel, low-maintenance construction with easy changeable belts
  • Very easy accessibility for maintenance works
  • Speed control for can conveyor
  • Energy-saving, FI optimized asynchron motor with 0.55 kW, 120 Hz and 47 Nm output torque with PROFINET connection to main control
OCR Camera
  • OCR check incl. reject
  • Compares the text
  • Compares the amount of chars
  • Scan and Laser area: 70 mm x 70 mm
  • Font: OCR-B (ISO-1073-2)
  • Font Height: min. 2 mm
  • Code types: QR (default), Aztec, DotCode, ECC000, ECC050, ECC100, ECC140, ECC 200, ECCplain, microQR, PDF417
  • Code size: min. 13 mm x 13 mm (QR)
  • Cell size : 0.7 mm
ContainerTin or composite cans, Plastic or glass jars
LidTin, composite, aluminium plastic (screw/plug-in lid)
BottomTin, cardboard, aluminium
Can-inner-Ø73 mm – 127 mm
Can height40 mm – 260 mm
Size ratio2'000 mm x 2'000 mm
Power requirement2.00 kW
Air pressure6 bar