Can Conveyor With Lane Divisor CB 350
Can Conveyor with lane divisor, lengths 1000 mm, 1500 mm, 2000 mm, 2500 mm, 3000 mm

  • Can Conveyor stainless steel with FI asynchron motor, continuosly variable speed and lane divisor
  • Divising from 1 to 2 lanes with congestion sensors
  • Stainless steele, low-maintenance construction with easy changeable belts
  • Speed control for can conveyor
  • Energy-saving, FI optimized asynchron motor with 0.55 kW, 120 Hz and 47 Nm output torque with PROFINET connection to main control
ContainerTin or composite cans, Plastic or glass jars
LidTin, composite, aluminium, plastic (screw/plug-in lid)
BottomTin, composite, aluminium
Can-inner-Ø73 mm - 153 mm
Can heightAll
Power requirement0.55 kW
Air pressure6 bar
NumberLengthSize ratio
CB 350-10001000 mm1000 mm x 350 mm
CB 350-15001500 mm1500 mm x 350 mm
CB 350-20002000 mm2000 mm x 350 mm
CB 350-25002500 mm2500 mm x 350 mm
CB 350-30003000 mm3000 mm x 350 mm