Swiss Can

SC Line G-matic 127

Fully automatic can filling and seaming line with the new G-matic system for milk powder, baby formula and coffee

SC Line G-matic 127
Rotary table feeder

Rotary table for separating and feeding of empty cans

Rotary table feeder RTF
Can conveyor wide

With FI asynchron motor and continuosly variable speed and can turning

Can conveyor wide CBW 1170
Empty Can Cleaning

Turning and inner cleaning of empty cans with cleaned and ionized compressed air

Empty Can Cleaning ECC 153
Depalletizer with hydraulic transference lift

Roller surface for depalletizing with hydraulic transference lift

Depalletizer with hydraulic transference HTL 1170
Empty Can Disinfection

Empty can disinfection with UVC Light

Empty Can Disinfection UV 153
Spoon Dispenser

Spoon Dispenser with Can Conveyor

Spoon Dispenser SD 153
Can Filling And Seaming Machine

Machine for filling and seaming cans with modified atmosphere

G-matic 127 FDAPC
Check Weigher

With feedback control to regulate filling machine

Check Weigher CWC 153
Control Cabinet

Control Cabinet to G-matic 127 FDAPC

Can Conveyor with can turning

Can Conveyor with FI asyn- chron motor and continuosly variable speed and can turning

Can Conveyor CB 153
Capper with Slope Conveyor

Capper for Snap-On Caps (Tin or Plastic) with Slope conveyor

Capper C 127