Swiss Can

Can Filling And Seaming Machine G-matic 127 FDAPC

Machine for filling and seaming cans with modified atmosphere

  • Machine for filling and seaming cans with modified atmosphere
  • Max. can-Ø 127 mm – compatible with different can-Ø und heights
  • Can height easy adjustable via HMI (Touchscreen)
  • Stainless steele, low-maintenance construction
  • Indexing turret gear with Hybrid drive (max. 220 Nm) and und positioning accuracy ± 65"
Filling with modified atmosphere
  • Dosing with highly precise servo drive with control to automatically process the data of the subsequent check weigher with feedback control
  • Hopper with integrated Oxygen and Nitrogen control, connected go G-matic control cabinet
  • Feeding of filling powder via horizontal auger with level control
  • All parts in immediate contact with the filling powder are in stainless steel, gaskets are FDA certified
  • Automatic FI optimized asynchron motors for horizontal auger and agitator
Lid Destacker
  • Automatic lid destacker
  • Continuosly variable spindle sleeve pressure
  • Seaming with highly precise servo drive
  • Speed of seaming rollers independently adjustable
  • Different can diameters can be processed on the same seamer with easy exchange parts (no adjustments necessary)
  • Can outlet conveyor stainless steel with FI optimized asynchron motor and continuosly variable speed control
G-matic-Control Cabinet
  • Control and regulation of nitrogen supply for G-matic machine
  • Easy controllable in l/min via HMI (Touchscreen) – 3 single valves
  • Measurement of residual oxygen on different positions
  • Oxygen monitoring, alert or machine stop when oxygen level too high
ProduktsAll powder products
ContainerTin or composite cans
LidTin, composite
BottomTin, composite
Can-inner-Ø73 mm - Ø 127 mm
Can heightAll
Size ratio1350 mm x 2300 mm
Power requirement10.60 kW