Swiss Can

Closed Can Cleaning CCC 153-3000

Closed Can Cleaning with ionized air

  • Cleaning of closed cans with cleaned compressed air
  • 2 compressed air rotating nozzles
  • Stainless steele, low-maintenance construction with easy changeable belts
  • Clean compressed air to blow out cans – odourless and residue-free cleaning air with 0.01 µ particle filter and activated carbon filter
  • Air ionizing against static loading
  • Can stabilisation (guidance) during cleaning
  • Speed control for can conveyor
  • Energy-saving, FI optimized asynchron motor with 0.55 kW, 120 Hz and 47 Nm output torque with PROFINET connection to main control
  • Separate compact deduster with filters, dust box etc.
  • Compact deduster optional in stainless steel
ContainerTin or composite cans, Plastic or glass jars
Lid/BottomTin, composite or aluminium lid, Plastic screw or plug-in lid
Can inner Ø73 mm - 153 mm
Can heightAll
Size ratio3000 mm x 350 mm
Power requirement0.55 kW
Air pressure6 bar